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Men Without Hats

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Mint condition 1982 7" picture disc from the electronic pop band "Men Without Hats" This is a special edition disc of the 80's anthem Safety Dance. Featuring two silhouetted dancers on a yellow and brown lined background.  Very 80's retro.

Complete with custom enameled hands and second hand. I have added an authentic red 45RPM insert in the core of the LP. The second hand is a silent sweeping quartz mechanism. Picture disc measures 9" wide and 10" tall. I test all my clocks before being shipped. Securely wrapped with a new AA battery included.

Safety dance was and still is one of the 80's favorite "safety" dance-able songs. And one of MTVs favorite video plays. Hang this clock in a place where memories will be just a look up at the time(s). Have Fun!