Nobody's Diary 1983 45rpm records. atomicrocketpoplab vintage vinyl record wall clocks. gift the yazz fan in your life. For birthday, holiday, or wedding gift


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Mint condition 1983 7" 45rpm single. Of the British synth-pop band Yazoo "Nobody's Diary" and " State Farm". Two songs synonymous with this iconic band. Re-purposed into cool wall art. And a modern quartz wall clock.

Featuring custom enameled yellow hands. And enameled ecru wiggle second hand. I thought it resembled water. Since there is a yellow rubber duck on the label.  The second hand has a sweeping motion, no ticking sound. New AA battery included.

Yaz being one of my favorite bands. I am a bit biased with this piece. It turned out really well. I made one similar for our gallery lab.

Hang anywhere and everywhere, maybe a bathroom? Surprise the Yaz fan with a unique vintage gift. Sure to be proud of way into the future. 

Tested and ready for shipping, with a new AA battery.