2016 Barbarella cult classic film atomicrocketpoplab spiral notebook


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2016 Barbarella (Aka Barbarella: Queen Of The Galaxy) reissue. Reassigned for spiral notebook duty. 

1968 Jane Fonda serving vintage intergalactic Barbarella realness. 

First released in 1968 to lack luster attention. Later re-released in 1977, and become a popular cult film.

So much admiration for the film. Duran Duran named their band after a character in the film.

We have one of the 2016 reissues, back to the lab. And given the atomicrocketpoplab upgrade.

40 pages of premium 110lb white card- stock. Measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. Blue/black custom color spiral coil. Making a modern notebook ready to serve way into the future.

Make a cool scrapbook for your concert ticket stubs. Sketch the cute barista girl or guy at Starbucks. 

Any way you choose to give or use this custom spirlal notebook. Enjoy the nostalgia of this fantasy cult film.