Bauhaus black vinyl record wall clock


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Bauhaus were an English post punk goth band, formed in England in 1978. Their name references the German art school. That operated from 1919 - 1933.

Their 1980 debut album "In The Flat Field". Considered one of the first goth rock records. And most defiantly for die hard fans of this style of musical talent. Peter Murphy doesn't disappoint. 

And neither does atomicrocketpoplab.

Reissued on vinyl in 2015 for record store day. We took the opportunity to make modern and functional piece of art history. Into a special edition wall clock.

Custom enameled hands and second hand in ecru (off white). Really compliment the label. With the pristine black vinyl. Giving a clean industrial aesthetic.  

The quartz mechanism is totally silent. The second hand gently sweeps around. I test all of my pieces. And include a new AA battery.

I can see this clock hanging in a modern loft or even a cool doctors office.  You really can hang it anywhere. Anywhere you choose to hang Bauhaus. You will have that nostalgic smile. That reminds you just why you love the band.