Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again 1983 limited edition


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Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again" 1983 UK limited edition 7" picture disc. Wow what a mouth full.

One of my favorite bands. And certainly has stood the test of time. With their new wave, synth-pop sound. 

I'm particularity enamored of their various remixes of their music catalog. 

This 1983 vintage vinyl picture disc. Has been modernized in my lab. Into a functional and nostalgic time piece of art. 

Custom enameled hands in olive. Second hand enameled in ecru (off white) Compliments the face of the disc beautifully.  And makes reading the clock effortless.

Totally silent hands gently sweep around. The quartz mechanics have been tested. And I enclose a new AA battery for you.

This time piece could be hung anywhere. Modern, traditional, or even behind a bar. 

Gift the Eurythmics mega fan. They will think of you every time they look at this piece of history.