The J Geils band freeze Frame 80's

The J Geils Band

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The J Geils band an American rock band formed in 1967. Their successful single "Freeze Frame" from their album of the same name. Reached No 4 and the video made it's round on MTV quite often.

This 7" 1982 pictures disc. Has turned out to be quite a cool looking clock. With custom enameled hands. In yellow, and silver. With a black "squiggly" second hand. The quartz mechanism is totally silent. The second hand gently sweeps around. New AA battery included.

With the original picture disc art. I thought these hands and second hand fit beautifully. The over all aesthetic has quite an 80's vibe.

I see this clock on a cool easel on your desk. It is able to be hung on the wall as well. Anywhere you like. 

Maybe The J Geils Band was your first concert. What a way to remember it, forever.