Kraftwerk 1983 Tour de France 12" remix vintage vinyl record wall clock for atomicrocketpoplab.


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From the fantastic German industrial music group Kraftwerk. 

Vintage UK 12-inch vinyl, 1983 remix of their Tour de France. A Hot 100 dance hit.

Kraftwerk pioneering the way for industrial music. I myself love their artistry and visual installations. As well as their musical talents. 

Their vinyl is rare and unique. In the the fact. That Kraftwerk fan's hang on to their collections. I was lucky to find this copy. 

Industrial decor is mainly my passion in my lab environment. I'm passing this slightly used vinyl remix to you. To enjoy in many decors, not only modern settings.

Triple monochromatic enameled hands and second hand. In a cool steel gray. Totally silent quartz mechanism. Second hand gently sweeps around. Tested and securely boxed in a 12 x 12 inch box for the trip. New AA battery included.

Vintage Kraftwerk ready for duty as a cool wall clock. Enjoy the nostalgic history, everyday.