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Madonna (Rebel Heart)

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Special 2015 Limited Edition for MDNA Fan Club. Even though this picture disc is newer. Only 250 were produced. 

I have been a Madonna fan. Since her first American Bandstand appearance.  Fast forward 30 plus years. 

We here at atomicrocketpoplab make wall art for that mega fan. Like myself.

A pearl white picture disc. I have custom enameled the hands and second hand. In a bright bright red. Picking up Madonna's lip color beautifully. The totally silent quartz mechanism. Will not make any ticking sound. The second hand gently sweeps around. I package safely in a 12 x 12 inch box. The mechanism is tested again. And include a new AA battery. 

I can totally see this hanging in a recording studio. Even a trendy office or loft. Would look great in a black and white color scheme. Or simply hanging in your kitchen or bedroom. 

I know you will enjoy this clean bright piece of art. Sure to be placed in that special spot of your choice. 

We're all rebels at heart aren't we?