Madonna 1986 Tue Blue colored 45rpm record wall clock made in the atomicrocketpoplab gallery seattle washington

Madonna (True Blue)

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True Blue Baby I Love You.

Madonna queen of pop since the early eighties. I remember waiting outside the record stores. For the release of her next album or remix. Even though those days are over. The talent and music keep us dancing.

True Blue is the title track from Madonna's 1986 True Blue album. Reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Has defiantly stood the test of time as a retro classic. 

I have been in love with this blue colored vinyl version for years. atomicrocketpoplab has given this mint condition 45rpm cobalt blue record a new purpose. 

Triple monochromatic bright orange, enameled hands and second hand. Coordinating to the familiar Sire record label. Mechanism is totally silent. The second hand gently sweeps around. Reminiscing when we played 45rpm records. I have placed an actual yellow 45rpm record insert in the center. Tested and shipped safely in a 12 x 12 inch box. New AA battery included.

I made this clock to either hang on a wall. Or you can get a clear easel to display on a desk or shelf. I can see the light shining through it now. 

Any Madonna fan would love getting this time piece of history. You just may want to keep it for yourself.