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2013 Satellite Of Love 7" picture disc. Morrissey (live) cover of Lou Reeds 1972 version. The song is about a man who observes a satellite launch on television. I think this version is amazing. I'm quite fond of "Rocket's" and space of course. 

Picture disc features all black and white. I thought monochromatic red. Would be the best color choice. Custom enameled hands and second hand. Making a modern and striking wall clock. It doesn't have to go on the wall. Buy a clear easel stand and display on a desk or shelf. Morrissey 24 hours a day.

Quartz mechanism is totally silent. The second hand will simply sweep around. Tested and packed well in a 12 x 12 inch box. New AA battery included.

This time piece will work in all decors. I know fans of Morrissey would love getting this as a gift at anytime.