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New Order

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We breathed fresh oxygen. Into this beautiful 1990 remix LP cover. Of "World In Motion". From 80's alternative band New Order. Their Technique is unsurpassed. And still lives on today.

On my playlist almost daily. They certainly have made a Fine Time for us on dance floors everywhere.

Get Ready for a custom spiral notebook with Substance. Measuring 8.5 x 11 inches. No Blue Monday with the professional spiral binding. In a Crystal blue. Compliments the artwork on the cover beautifully. Finished off with a .5 black elastic band. To keep your notebook secure. 

With 50 pages of premium 110lb white card stock. Get ready to go Round & Round trying to decide if you give or keep. This Krafty, custom book cover.

No Regret sketching, writing poems, or using charcoal.  A World In Motion starts with you.

*I have capitalized New Order songs.