The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 Broadway Album

The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Broadway]

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The Rocky Horror Show is a musical by Richard O'Brian. A humorous tribute to science fiction and B movies of the late 1940's through to the early 1970's.

This original 1975 LP of the original Broadway cast. Makes quite a statement as a modern clock. 

Original LP has a very nice label. Featuring the iconic Rocky Horror font. 

Custom hand enameled hands in cream. With blood red second hand. Totally silent mechanism. No ticking, your clock second hand. Will gently sweep around. Totally silent mechanism. Second hand will gently sweep around. Tested and shipped securly in a 12 x 12 box. New AA battery included. 

This piece of recycled history. Will delight any fan of the musical. Broadway enthusiast or actors. Who may have been in one of the revivals. 

I can totally see this in a actor's New York apartment. Always be on time for that matinee performance. 

Gift the Broadway enthusiast in you r life. With this iconic 1975 vintage vinyl wall clock.