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The Sugarcubes

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Limited edition neon green LP reissue of The Sugarcubes' 1988 album Life's Too Good. They were a well received experimental rock band from Iceland with Bjork on vocals! Achieving unprecedented success for an Icelandic band at the time and influencing the country’s musical scene dramatically.

atomicrocketpoplab had to make a cool modern wall clock. From this bright neon green LP. I remember listening to this on cassette tape. 

Enameled hands and second hand in neon orange. With the black and white label. Depicting the drawn figures from the album cover. Mechanics are totally silent. The second hand gently sweeps around. Tested and safely shipped in a 12 x 12 box. New AA battery included.

Wake up every morning and not have to search for a clock. This neon green and orange will be easy to see. Hang anywhere you want a pop of color.

Gift The Sugarcubes hipster in your life with a nostalgic and modern time piece of art.